The Inner Voice

Did you hear that? It sounded like a muffled voice. You’re probably reading this from your desktop, in which case you might look around and you might find a closet with the door closed. Did the voice come from there? You might be reading this in bed. Did the voice sound distant like neighbours having an argument?

You might have been reading this from your mobile phone whilst sitting at a coffee shop enjoying a hot beverage. And yet through the sea of voices creating a sound wall of utter peace, did it sound like someone said your name in a conversation during the 1 second 57 other words were said at the exact same time?

A lot of people always assume the inner voice is the voice you read with. The one that sounds like yourself but the words are only said in the mind. Unless you’re reading something that says Morgan Freeman wrote it, in which case you’ll use his voice. You’ve just converted the voice for this sentence just to try it out.

But that isn’t the inner voice. That is the loud voice. A voice that, in certain situations, screams in anger internally because doing it out loud might get you arrested. That voice is what you use to say all the things you wish you could say, but you know it could end friendships, lives and potential hook ups to discounts on awesome new electronics toys, so you zip it nice and tight whilst disagreeing with everything. That voice is the internal loud speaker of the mind.

However, the inner voice, is soft spoken from a wise elder standing behind you calm and collected as ever, the voice of not only the heart, but the core of your being. They never get angry, they are never impatient and they are never in need of raising their voice. They are the faint sound of logic ready to save the day if you let them.

If you’re in a hectic situation, where it is loud and messy, you might never hear them attempting to get your attention, for they know that you will listen either when you’re ready, or when things have gotten so bad that you’ll have no choice but to listen. If you’re on a one track mind to get the thing you want most while putting aside anything and everything that might get in your way, you might accidentally put that voice of reason aside too.

It is important to step aside from the day to day to quieten the mind just to see if the heart has anything to say. The softest spoken words can have the most profound affects as the truth of reality doesn’t need a harsh tone or an excited demeanour to convey the message of a lesson learnt. The inner voice can save you, but you have to be willing to hear it.

Not only can this inner voice save you, but it can also help you realise that you’re on the right path. Just as you must calm your inner self to figure out a way out of a situation that seems bad, you must also occasionally find your way back to the calmness to see if you’re headed in the right direction. It only seems like the inner voice is heard or looked for when things go bad, because we often find ourselves trying to figure things out head on without much thought and we fail to do things logically, and only when shit has hit the fan do we try to find a better suited alternative which was probably the solution we should have not rushed passed in the first place.

But this inner voice can be accessed and heard during the best of times. We often refer to this as savouring a moment. This happens when something that has occurred is so good, that our inner voice also agrees and the inner calm allows the voice to be heard in agreement to how we feel and everything feels right with the world.

The inner voice is faint for a purpose. Not because it is a test. Not because the universe hates you. Not because someone is doing this to you. And most definitely not because you’re so special that life wants to teach you a lesson specifically, and only you, because no one else deserves it. No.

It is because you have to want to hear it. If that voice was loud and annoying and ready to interrupt you at every turn, how annoyed would we have all gotten by now and tried to force a foreign object through our own faces? For most, this does happen (the interruption not the foreign object), but again that voice is conscious and the one you use to communicate your thoughts to yourself. That is not the inner voice, for it is more subtle and why it’s often mistaken for a feeling because you can only barely hear that voice and it forces you to turn around and look for something you may have missed.

If this version of the concept of inner voice appealed to you, perhaps it is time that you had a conversation like no other.



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