The Invisible World Behind You

World View - The Invisible World Behind You
Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris

In a world of people that would neither want to confront or be confronted, the ability to be invisible would end up being a gift to so many. Everyone prefers just not to be seen when something uncomfortable happens. It is easier just to run away and hide.

But the majority of the universe is already invisible to everyone simply because we aren’t able to see so much of it, and yet it is there. We know it is there. Is that not the definition of invisibility? And if yes, why would we want to be invisible adding to how many things that have not yet had the chance to be seen?

But what about the world behind us? The world we cannot see at any given moment. It is always invisible to us. Our vision only accounts for roughly 114 degrees of field of view. The leftover 40 degrees per eye is what we might catch in peripheral vision, of which most of that view is unfocused.

But what about the rest of existence? Is it invisible? Does it not exist for the small moment behind you, that anything could be happening and you’d never know? And I just mean within the confines of your own consciousness. Yes, there are others who have the ability to perceive of the direction you cannot see, while you look in the opposite direction, but do they even exist for the moment we don’t see them?

It brings an interesting thought in our minds, that everything only exists and is real because we perceive it to be real. And that the universe ceases to exist behind us because we simply cannot perceive it. And what if there are no more consciousness’ left to perceive anything, would anything continue to be real, much less exist at all?

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it. What could be there that doesn’t want to be perceived? Alien creatures going about their day in a dimension all of their own. Still confined by the laws of physics in a realm we can’t physically interact with. What if our minds were able to process the wavelengths of light required to view into another dimension?

This is what happened in an episode of Stargate SG1, where certain Stargate personnel were exposed to an energy signature that allowed human beings to be able to perceive a secondary dimension. There would be a creature crawling all over the windshield of a car while they were driving, and if they activated the wipers, it would cause the creature to fall off, but we could never feel their presence, even if it were to be crawling on our own skin.

I guess in that example, the alien creatures could interact with our world, but the humans couldn’t interact with them intentionally, as the creatures were invisible to the humans. Perhaps, somethings are just not meant to be seen but allowed to exist at the same time in the same space?

What worlds could we be missing out on when we aren’t looking? What could be going in the field of vision that we can’t perceive?

Did you just turn around to see what could be happening behind you?

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