Threshold! Take Us to the Threshold!

To the Future - Photo by Tomasz Frankowski
Photo by Tomasz Frankowski

Technology and philosophy have advanced in orders of magnitudes higher then anyone would have imagined. Humanity as a whole? Not so much. We’re getting there, and the potential is great. Humanity’s potential has always been glorious if one stopped to think about it.

The way we think has changed the way we interact with each other and how we go about doing the things we know to be right, or doing the things we envision that excites our core. Technology has always been the tools we used to do more then we were ever capable of or achieve more then was necessary.

The interesting part about the level of advancement we have achieved as a species is the fact that based on philosophies we’ve discovered that are driven by reason and or the technologies we’ve created that give humanity an edge to all things we attempt, why haven’t we done more? Why haven’t we created more then we’ve destroyed? And make no mistake, we have destroyed more then we have created. Why haven’t we discovered more? Is the prospect of discovery in itself not an exciting enough thought that once something new comes along we take it for granted and stay comfortable for as long as we can?

This does not take away from the advancements that have been made. There have been some truly remarkable discoveries in the way of moving forward as a race. These discoveries, even in small increments are happening all the time and they keep getting improved upon to help make our lives better.

The world today as a whole should have made enough medical advancements that cancer shouldn’t be a thing to worry about anymore. As amazing as the technology has become that entertains us and takes care of us all, it seems humanity is still more concerned with placing bullets in strategic locations from the furthest point possible from a target, then it is with making sure bullets aren’t necessary at all. That is where most advancements come from since those types of advancements always receive more funding then anything else. We should be further in all areas. We should be better.

The conditions for our species to reach our threshold of becoming an awesomely epic race, are all in the green. We are there. The door is unlocked it just needs to be opened. There is no spoon!

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard the title of this post before, it was because of the movie The Chronicles of Riddick. Aren’t you glad that we don’t have rely on one person to take us to the next level of our lives, because we all have the ability to think for ourselves and that we would all make the right decisions and do what was necessary for our own race? Oh wait, oh god, is Elon Musk our version of the Lord Marshal?

I would prefer, that our currency becomes that of exploration and discovery. I would prefer we look passed our own personal gain and see where the world could go, together. There can always be a time and place for entertainment and or personal gain as that would come naturally. Multiple businesses have proved this time and time again, take care of the customer, the finances take care of themselves, so to speak.

Take care of the things our species need to truly advanced and we benefit from it all as a group and on a personal level.

Having said all this, I have to admit wholeheartedly, that life is good. I cannot complain. I should not complain. I can only observe.

But I do prefer the future.

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