Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Sparklers - Tiger Tiger Burning Bright
Photo by Ian Schneider

Have you ever seen the look of wonder in someones eyes? Do you understand how beautiful that is? The look in the eye is that of a glazed sparkle, a type of glint that forces the observer to wonder as well. That wonder has the potential of having a life of it’s own. It can even create worlds and universes, regardless of whether they exist only for that moment the thought does, or perhaps can even last a life time.

I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve created many universes based on wonder. I’m still working on them and they are growing. There are many, and I’ve chosen not to rush them as they are precious to me. When the time is right, I will share those worlds with the world.

The wonder flowing through the eyes of another is like a light in the middle of the desert. While most would steer clear in a danger filled world, not knowing what would emit such a light in the middle of nowhere, there are many who would want to know why it was there. Why it was glowing. Why it was drawing others near it. That wonder of the human race will never cease, regardless of how dangerous the world becomes.

So why hide it? Why keep it to yourself? Why not let it expand by sharing your wonders and letting them grow and become something more then electrochemical signals?

A poem by William Blake was the first true wonder I had called “The Tiger”. It was something I could never understand and so I began my research. No one truly knows what the poem means, but I am beginning to suspect that that was the original plan all along. To me that poem was designed to make all those who hear it, wonder endlessly.

This poem even showed up in one of my favourite TV shows, and was used accordingly where the introduction to the poem was given as an example of how no one could figure out the question posed in the poem regarding who created the creature. It was pointed towards a situation unfolding within the TV series where no matter how hard the protagonist tried that they were not able to understand why somethings were a reality when it could just as easily have not been.

After researching the poem a bit I decided that the poem was trying to tell me that there is no good nor evil. There is just life and it’s experiences split into the ones we like and the ones we don’t like. And that we should just attempt to understand all things and why they happen to gain a higher level of understanding.

Do not try to be bad. Do not try to be good. Only try to understand and the world will fall into place as it should. There will be no liking or disliking it. There will only be an understanding, which overall, would be good for all.

Only the sparkle of wonder in the eyes of all beholders carry this ability of understanding.


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