Time Belongs to You

I did something bad. I did something that I didn’t anticipate myself to do because I was riding the high of becoming productive so nicely that I failed to protect against the small spots of downtime that would bring about the down times.

I broke routine.

I had everything setup near perfectly. Hell, it was perfect, because I accounted for things that could go wrong that even I didn’t know could go wrong, so that I always had time to recover and or accomodate what I could not foresee. I just did not account for the things I had already seen.

I knew what my weaknesses were. I knew what could influence me the easiest and what could cause me to make decisions that this productive version of myself wouldn’t allow. So I shoved it to the back of the line of my mind. I didn’t think about it. I didn’t recognise it when it somehow creeped back into the same line and showed up again.

The thing that I did that caused me to break routine is not actually a bad thing. It’s something that allows down time from the world that is thoroughly enjoyable. But it became bad over the shortest amount of time due to it being so much better then reality that would have rather just done that, instead of the things I had outlined for myself to do.

My blog posts faltered. I’ve missed a daily prompt as a result. I became lazy. I started making excuses. I justified the things that shouldn’t have needed it because it should have never gotten to that point.

I forgot about my time.

Since time is a concept only humanity uses, it belongs to us and no one else. Nothing, else. Time is something only we hold the idea of and use to get as many things done as humanly possible. It orders our life from beginning to end, otherwise everything would happen at once, as Einstein or someone pretending to be Einstein put it.

I should have found some time and moved things around and added this new task into my life properly, instead of just pushing out everything, hence causing my timeline to cascade. To break, according to what my goals were.

If I had only gingerly accounted for my time, I would have still had enough of it. There is so much that can be done when time is properly inventoried. When it is taken care of just as much as the time we spend on the filters for the images we upload to social media, time rewards us with fulfilment. When time is thought of as a first class citizen, the universe glides into the future, instead of it stumbling through forcing events to move too fast or just miss them entirely from ever happening.

Time belongs to us, and should only be filled with the things worth doing.



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