Toys and Time Since the Future

Toys - Photo by Susan Holt Simpson
Photo by Susan Holt Simpson

Toys are the greatest thing in the world, aren’t they? I mean the potential of imagination and worlds they have the ability to send a child. Hell, some adults even have their happy places they are instantly transported to either playing with the toys they want most, or even dreaming about them. But most often, you can always ask someone about that one thing they wanted most as a child, and they will probably tell you they never got a chance to get their hands on them.

I wasn’t your normal average child growing up. Most kids have this imagination that would appear while they were children and then eventually fade as they grew older as they began to attempt to integrate into their own age group. Some managed to keep it of course and went on to do something with it. But for me, it only got stronger and stronger and eventually it would keep me from doing the things that was required of me each day.

Sitting in the middle of a class room with a teacher trying to pass on information about the Romans and my mind would create a brand new universe and story-line during the 1 hour class and allow me to go on this grand adventure that never was. Back to reality and I hadn’t a clue what happened in class or what was discussed. The daydreaming was real and even now, it has become such a second nature part of me. Waiting in line to pay for my items at a grocery store and I’ve created a character who seemingly is your average neighbor grabbing something to eat but also is a master of mixed martial arts and manages to stop a robbery before it even starts.

This became such a problem for me at one point that I had to try and destroy that part of my self (calm down I managed to fail which was a good thing) in order to try and get important things done in life. This included being realistic in terms of life decisions and what I wanted to do for a living. Man had a utilized my imagination growing up, I can only imagine where I would be now. Instead it took me 30 years to figure out that if that is the kind of thing my mind wants to do, feed it. Now I’m on my way to becoming a storyteller full time.

So as you can imagine the kinds of toys normal kids would want vs the kinds of toys I would want were vastly different. Most toys that kids would want were things they had seen other kids play with, or things they saw in magazines or on TV. I wanted to toys that didn’t even exist yet. And that was at the age of 7. Guess what? Some of those toys I longed for? Still don’t exist in 2018 three decades later. Because our current understanding of physics and our technology apparently are nowhere close to producing something of the kind.

One of the toys that never existed, but I really wanted was the car alarm / garage door opener remote from the 90s TV series Time Trax. The series was about a detective from the future who was sent back in time to hunt down fugitives who had used a time machine to hide in the past. Darien Lambert, the detective was sent back with with two tools to help with this task.

The most important in my opinion was the artificial intelligence program called the Specified Encapsulated Limitless Memory Archive, or better known as SELMA. It was pretty much a artificial intelligence system that would talk to and keep Darien company and helped with logistics tasks. It would appear visually in 3D space and was disguised as a credit card. The second was the Micro-Pellet Projection Tube, which was disguised as a car alarm remote. Now obviously the MPPT remote was used as a defensive weapon in the TV series, with 3 different settings. Blue for a 2 minute stun. Green for a 3 hour stun. And red was the chemical compound which was necessary for time travel, which would multiply and cover itself over the target, and combined with a certain tone which then SELMA provided, would take the target within the red substance back to the time they were meant to be in.

I however, as a kid, I created my own uses for the settings. Every now and then adding in new and different colors which did different things, such as stored an item away for later. Or teleport it away to a different location, potentially a storage location or a location I would personally set into the system. Little did I know at the time, that what I was thinking of in terms of object storage is called Flat Space Technology from the movie Ultraviolet, which was a device that created pocket dimensions to store many different kinds of objects from weapons to accessories, but the size and weight were reduced basically down to electronic information.

Think of storing books as information on your mobile phone, oh wait, that’s Amazon Kindle! But now think of a Kindle for your car keys, extra pairs of shoes and potentially other kinds of jewelry or defensive weapons to fend of attackers. You’d call for one of these items, and it would materialize back into the real world.

These are the kind of toys I wanted as a kid, and growing up, I thought that one day we would have toys similar to these items I created in my mind. However, it is now 2018 and while phones are getting faster and TV’s are getting thinner, it seems that technology has taken a turn toward financial gain more then cutting edge. Only what people would be willing to pay for, rather then technologies that could help us expand into the solar system and potentially the galaxy.

I sometimes fear that in my lifetime, I won’t ever get to see these kinds of toys, because the research and development required for that will be redirected either into consumer items, or war.

Many kids growing up never got the toys they always wanted. And I guess I am one of them.

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