Weapon of Mass Distortion

Speakers - Photo by Ingo Schulz
Photo by Ingo Schulz

Unbeknown to myself at the time, someone who forgot to upgrade his level of understanding, was attempting to describe cacophony and I hadn’t a clue. We were sitting in a room known as “The Common Room” back in the day where I got another company to pay an indecent amount of money to another company in order for myself to waste time and not learn a damn thing. And then there was this whole pomp and circumstance ceremony where I received a piece of paper.

In this common room we would sit and enjoy each others company and throw things at one another. We also watched movies, played games and listened to music. One of these misfits heard the music I had been listening to and proceeded to describe what they were hearing. A look of confusion rippled across my face due to having no memory of asking for this generous opinion. Had it been of likeminded love for the sound I would have been okay. Had it been of curiosity I would have been okay too.

I believe I should be clear. It wasn’t that was I wasn’t okay. It wasn’t that I was angry or upset regarding this opinion. I was just confused as to how this person had completely forgotten about the concept of taste and preference and how to properly human when speaking to another. Their tone was that of disgust and looking down on me for my choice of music.

The song being played was Weapons of Mass Distortion by The Crystal Method.

Needless to say, perspective was definitely missing. The idea that others could find solace in a group of sounds while others hear a cacophony, could be used to judge them was staggering for me. I’m sure I’ve made the same mistakes in other situations because this concept could be applied to so many. I’m sure we all have. But music is about as preferential and personal as it gets and it had never occurred to me that what you listen to could be used to look down on you.

Keep in mind this was back in the day. I was naive. I’ve learned since even though I should have known having grown up during the late 90s and early 2000s.

I sometimes enjoy listening to white noise. It turns off my mind for a short while.

I also sometimes go to Noisli and listen to the rain by a fire place when its perfectly sunny outside, because it helps me think.

I have found that when I begin that thought process of “How could anyone listen to this?”, or “How could anyone watch that?”, I’ve trained myself to ask the pertinent questions. I’ve begun to instead attempt to see what they see. That includes asking those same questions out loud at times as well. Sometimes I get answers. Other times I discover something new entirely.

See. Hear. Understand. Discover.

A cacophony to one could very well be a weapon of mass distortion to another.

Enjoy the sound if it be in your preference:

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