What The Fluff Are You Doing

What are you doing? Right now, with your life, what are you doing? Obviously right now you’re reading the ramblings of a random recluse, so the question isn’t meant for right this minute. This question has no time.

Time doesn’t exist. Time is basically the distance of us moving from any point we choose only to come back to the same exact point in a circular pattern. Any events to take place during this travel, we then measure its distance on the arc to the original point we chose, and that becomes how much time has passed. It is only a concept we created for keeping ourselves orientated in a linear fashion, from past to present to future.

So, what are you doing? Are you measuring time until something that you’ve been waiting for happens? Are you working? Are you eating? Are you just barely holding yourself together?

Or are you just doing all the things you’ve seen others do and created this idea that if you go against social construction that you’d be looked down upon for breaking away? Are you just filling your life with mundane tasks that you probably don’t even enjoy, or perhaps even barely understand. Obviously you must understand some of it, otherwise you might not be able to do some of those things, but you also end up asking yourself questions regarding if there is a better way, or perhaps if there are more efficient processes that are entirely different to get the same result?

Why haven’t you done all the things you’ve said you’ll do or just want to do? Why are the things that we hold most valuable in terms of doing, the same things that are always held away from us because it requires money, or it has prerequisites that must be fulfilled first in order to proceed?

Fillers. That is what most of our lives are until we figure out that one thing we want to do the most. And some of us never get to reach that stage. We fill our life with fluff to make it look like we are awesome, or having fun, or have everything under control when in reality we have no control, we have no idea what we are doing or even what we want. Some of us get trapped into a cycle of doing things, because if we stopped, it no longer affects only us but others as well. Parents and guardians are a good example of this.

We make excuses in regards to the fact that we have to eat, and we have to find a way to live and that we have to do what needs to be done in order to survive. Sure, if we lived in a 3rd world country where survival was just an every day thing. But in a Westernised world? What is our excuse then, when there are so many things accessible to us, including the most important thing of all in 2017, the internet.

There are so many options. There are so many avenues. We can all learn to survive, be able to eat, and still live the kind of lives we want in order to do the things we absolutely love in order to never have to work again simply because we love what we do.

So what are you doing? Are you on your way? Have you even, on a minuscule level, turned to face the direction you should be going?

What the fluff are you doing!?

If you’re able to answer that question, then you are to be commended. If you are even on some semblance able to derive some form of a direction from that question, you are to be commended.

For those of you who haven’t thought about it, or only recently realised that doing what you truly wanted was an option, this message is for you. Regardless of what you’re doing now or have done, or how far you’ve come in what you’re doing, this message is still definitely for you: It is never too late.

An Example Using My Fluffing Situation

Okay, that title didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. Or did it…

I’m nearly 30. I have a Bachelors Degree in Computing Systems and I was a full time developer until recently. I found out that my life was full of fluff. Things I did to justify where I was and where I was going, and the kicker amongst all of that was that I hated it all. I hated myself.

I’ve been a developer for 8 years now and began hating most of it after only 2 years. Let me be clear. I love development in the regard that I love to build. I love to create things and spend time to figure things out to make it work. I hated doing it as a job where receiving money was dependent on it. I hated working for others while doing that. I hated the restrictions and time constraints. Needless to say, career development was something not meant for me.

I will never lose my ability to be a developer and tinkerer. I still enjoy it and I still play around with it. But it will never be as a career or a job. Instead I just decided after an amazing phone call from a stranger who inspired me in ways I was not even prepared for, that I was going to become a writer. Full time. No matter what it took. And I would make a living of it.

My true focus is anything creative. The priorities in this creative venture are: writer, image manipulator and photographer. All the things that can be complementary to each other and is a collection of things I’ll be able to juggled realistically.

How am I doing this? Some help from my parents. A part time job to keep the bills at bay. A computer. And a will so powerful that I don’t even think it actually belongs to me. I’ve never had this before and therefore feels foreign to me. Pretty sure I’m possessed. Or something.

But this will that is so powerful is mine. I became so depressed at one point, I flushed all emotions (as a warning, a very dangerous thing to do when depressed) so that I could look at things in a purely logical format. And I found myself come to one solid conclusion: either I’m going to do what I love for the rest of my life, or there is actually no point in being here. And since the latter wasn’t an option, my passion was brought back to life.

I’m still nowhere near where I want to be. I’ve only just recently started this blog to get my writing practices and disciplines going. I’ve only just begun to start shooting again with my Nikon. And photoshop of course never really went anywhere, but then I never really did anything of significance with it either.

All of this changed when I decided that I was worth having the life I wanted. I was worth doing what I loved. And that I was going to be happy doing it. And god forbid anyone to get in my way now. I’m happier already. I’m now using more passion to get things done then any amount of discipline I could ever gain previously. It was completely worth it and while I have no idea where this leads, I’m looking forward to it.

The Fluffing Conclusion

You must remember that there will always be events to crop up and slow things down no matter how many detailed plans you have or how much effort you’re putting in. There is no way to stop the things that life might want to hurl in your direction.

The key is remembering that each of these occurrences are problems to be solved instead of obstacles to be overcome. Seeing these events as obstacles has the potential to discourage you because you’ll see something as in your way or trying to stop you.  Where as problems to be solved have a higher chance of  encouraging you because you’re always learning as you’re figuring things out. Which sounds more appealing, a routing puzzle to solve to get to the other side of the canyon? Or finding a way to dig through a wall? Perspective is everything.

There is no such thing as losing when you’ve got the right perspective. It is only winning or learning.

So what the freakin’ fluff are you doing?



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