When Tomorrow Meant Nothing

16 Birthday Candles - When Tomorrow Meant Nothing
Photo by Tyler Delgado

Do you remember those days? When tomorrow meant nothing? When tomorrow wasn’t even a word you would use in your daily life to describe when you were going to do something, unless it was chores? When all energy and objectives were directly enforced towards the amount of fun you could possible have in a single day of being awake?

During those times, do you remember ever thinking about the future?

We come to live in a society that forgets its own existence relative to the universe around it. Be a lawyer, be a doctor, be something important. Be something so that parents can show you off as trophies of a life well lived and passed on. Be this thing that one might have no desire to be.

Not only that, but then there are the unspoken rules of life that prevent us from stepping out from that kind of thinking, due to fear, ridicule and being cast out. Because we had chosen to be something else. Because we had chosen to not do what everyone else was doing.

Why did we do that? Why did we grow old only to forget what it was like to live in the moment? While there is a need for realism and having the ability to provides for one’s self, there has to be balance. And we’ve lost that completely. We become consumed by our need to have a decent life, that we forget to live it. The stresses that go hand in hand with living tend to hit us any way, and then before you know it we’ve forgotten how to live for the moment. Live for the day. The ability to just be and enjoy that being.

We need to go back to being teenagers again. Just coming into life but not taking it too seriously. Not so that we can leave all our responsibilities behind and do nothing. But so that we might better be able to enjoy each day more. Yes, there will always be work. Yes, there will always be a need for paying bills. And yes, the need to eat will always be there.

Glimpsing Tomorrow

But what if after those items on the list were sorted, listed into a calendar so that our devices can take care of tracking them, and we decide to live for the moment for all the time we have left, would that not be more enjoyable? Would we not create better relationships with people? Would we not be better, as a whole?

The same way as a young teenager we would forget about tomorrow, we could do today but for a small moment. Take the pressure off. Forget what needs to be done and just take a look around. Enjoy the colours. The shapes. The smiles.

Everything requires moderation in our life. Too much focus on tomorrow and you forget to live today. Not enough focus on anything and you won’t have much of a life to begin with. Let the young be young, within reason of course. But let us all go back to being just a little bit young again too. Let us all go back to being just a little bit free again. The world won’t stop. And everything will be as it was when you get back.

But maybe, just maybe the stresses of every day life can be put on hold for just a moment. Imagine the weight that would be lifted off your shoulders, the weight of tomorrow. Giving you that perfect state of being for recharging the self.

For just one hour a day, make tomorrow mean nothing.

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