Yes But Also No

Everything and everyone is dancing right now. Whether it is a person doing a tango or just getting excited in the comfort and solitude of their own homes, they are dancing. Whether it is a pencil, or a car, it is dancing for everything moves with rhythm. Whether it is a human being to music, or an inanimate object vibrating at a certain frequency the universe chose for it, they and we are all dancing.

But there is another kind of dance that can not only be exhausting, but lead a consciousness down to some dark and hectic places. The kind of dance that uses chaos and confusion as its instruments to create a rhythm only the dance itself can understand and move to.

The dance of the mind.

We are all familiar with this dance. The dance of a decision unbecoming. The dance of having equal opportunities taunt you. The dance of the two evils that you have to attempt at choosing the lesser of.

What we become forgetful of is the fact that this dance can have adverse effects simply because it won’t allow us to take the time to properly process the information we are coming into contact with. We think of one thing, and immediately have a counter and this aggressive sway of the mind begins to take a tempo of it’s own until sometimes we don’t even know what started it in the first place.

Imagine a dark room where there is a single spot light shining down. You can’t even tell if that is the centre of the room, for you can’t even tell where the walls end, and the exit begins. Within the darkness around the light, there are voices shouting your every next move forcing you to do a dance you have no control over. This is the last place you want indecision to ever go. The hellfire lake of ‘yes but also no’.

Fortunately, perspective changes all that. Taking a small step backwards can also be, and is in most cases, a part of dance. It allows the time for processing smaller chunks of information to make a more informed decision. It allows time for logic and understanding to take the reigns and so your next move can be shown to you, rather then you attempting to find it in the dark.

With new found knowledge via patience and a little effort you can take back the control of the dance and make it enjoyable again. You can control the tempo, and all the moves that come with it. The dance can become celebratory of the fact that you’ve reached a solution or conclusion to what could have once been considered never ending. With a little practice when the madness begins, you can influence it by introducing your own moves and dance into the light of serenity knowing that you now own this.

When life asks you to the floor in a way not warranted you simply reply, “I’ll lead.”



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