The Rare Gem of Focus

The Rare Gem of Focus - Photo by Stefan Cosma
Photo by Stefan Cosma

We are born. We learn. We begin doing something with what we’ve learnt and then begin to discover even more and more complex things as time moves on. We build this level of intent based on the things we like and we begin to move towards the thing we love faster then ever before.

Before we know it, we are furthest from the thing we want most. Deviation unknown, we try to figure out why this happened and yet we can’t do that for too long because life demands more from us in regards to the thing we never really wanted in the first place. The everyday being, work, chores, doing what needs to be done to survive, they begin to take a life of it’s own and we tell ourselves this is necessary to get to where we want. Except now that thing we wanted is so much further then it was before that it is now out of sight. And if we let it, out of mind.

Life throws a lot at us. And most if it is required. Work, is a necessary part of life. It was it what we’ve agreed as a society to do to provide value in being alive and taken care of, together. But along the way we’ve also forgotten how to experience. How to live. We forgot the things we focused on so much as children growing up, because we thought ‘being realistic’ was now what we had to do adults.

On the contrary, it is what adults need most now that life has taken a hold and we have to fend for ourselves. We need to focus on the things that make us happy like children. What is the worth of a life well survived but being miserable throughout it? Is there even a point to any of that, where we are born, we work and then we die?

Focus changes everything. Concentrate on what you want the most and work this life until you get it. That goal, that objective, is what allows us to out-think life as the best opponent we will ever come across. We forget sometimes that life is not the enemy, it is the thing that maintains balance for us most of the time, we just don’t see it. Because we think it to be the enemy, but what if we decided to take everything life had to throw at us and look at it as if they were teachers? Can you imagine what we would learn?

This focus can then be taken and in time turned into experience. Because we have a plan, we execute said plan and we begin to discover more new things. We begin to realise that the more focus we have, the more we learn and the more we understand and the more we are able to reach our objectives.

Without focus, we are life’s blur with nothing but vague shapes and shallow colours leaving up to interpretation what our lives could have meant to us, to others. And that should never be left to others to try and figure out. The lives we live, we should live in a way as if it was a fact. Because this would mean that we knew exactly what we wanted and where we were headed.

I lost this focus once. I got too drawn into the distractions of life thinking all the pretty things was what I wanted. Because it was so easy to get lost in that. What gave away the fact that it wasn’t what I wanted, was that I felt empty inside. Hollow. There wasn’t a reason to be doing any of it. There wasn’t a reason to wake up anymore.

It is so easy to lose focus. Life is hard and it can always get worse. Focus keeps you on track and when things do go inevitably bad? And yes, they will definitely go bad. Well, then you are prepared to do what is necessary to get passed it and keep moving. The focus allows you to track all the things that are constantly changing and keeps you from missing anything important, keeping you from reaching a point where you haven’t a clue what you are doing anymore, wondering where it all went wrong.

Maintain your focus. If you ever get even a sliver of a doubt of what you are doing, stop. Take inventory of all things around you, all things you’ve done, including emotions and future tasks. Make sure you are headed in a direction that you want to be going. Losing focus is okay. It will happen from time to time. Staying unfocused and not doing anything about it, is not okay. Because you will stay there for good. And if you are not headed where you want to be? Refocus, re-adjust.

And get it done.


  1. I can really relate to the blurry state of impressionism from an unfocused mind. It might feel lofty and, God forbid, even heroic, but nothing beats keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

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