Your True Self

Your True Self - Photo by Randy Jacob
Photo by Randy Jacob

Being authentic is hard in today’s day and age. In a world dictated by mass public ridicule (including the part where you like it or not if someone tweets about it), it is hard to deploy any personality that you want. Other than what you believe people want to see of course. This often means that we are rarely our true selves in public.

We are rarely true to each other.

We could actually not know anyone at all, not really. And when you begin to realise this, it can be an extremely lonely thought. Plenty of us have those true best friends where we don’t have to pretend, but even those inner circles have exceptions sometimes.

My personality is my true self always, and that isn’t to say that I’m better, or more awesome. And, this wasn’t always the case. It was something I learned to do and become over time.

Ever since I was young, even family always told me not to act a certain way even though it made me happy, because they were grooming me for acceptance in the eyes of the world. Even though I was being naturally what I was born to be, I was told to be otherwise.

We have moved around so much that I never got to build up an inner circle and keep it. While I do have many friends I have also had to deal with most experiences and life in general, alone. I have never gotten to use the phrase “someone I grew up with”, because I don’t have that. This resulted in me eventually just getting tired of the face we put on for public and deploy whatever the hell personality I wanted.

The freedom, the social efficiency and the flow of life in general just became so much better. It became so much simpler to be authentic to people. There were definitely side effects for me though, due to the order in which everything happened for me. It caused me to come off as quirky and even hyperactive in nature, with the ability to talk for hours on end. This is mostly because I don’t get to talk to people much as I’ve gotten used to being on my own and quite enjoy it now. I’ve even been labelled as eccentric from time to time.

But there is no such thing as pretending for me, because there is no point. I am who I am. If I’m bored, I’m bored. If I’m upset, you’ll know. Because I won’t bother hiding it. The only exception to this is when I’m full on rage angry, because at that point I’ll deploy whatever emotion and personality I want for my means. And that is a completely different story and for another time.

My main point is this. Pay attention, don’t pretend to be something you’re not for the sake of others’ feelings and opinions. Or worse. For personal gain. Be your true self, for the sake of yourself. And the fact that the world today provides so many digital avenues of putting a filter on pretty much everything? It isn’t going to be easy. But what it will be, is worth it.

In a world of so many people and that act of comparing ourselves to them all, be your true self, be authentic.

It is the only way to be truly unique and create a more fulfilling life.

After all, what is more fulfilling then being 100% okay with who and what you are?

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